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Thanks for visiting our site Toowoomba Mobile iPhone Repairs - unfortunately, this site is no longer operational. If you after Computer Repairs, Data Recovery, Business IT, Managed IT Services or Web Design and Hosting please visit Pineseed. They are local to the Toowoomba area and will visit your Home or Business the same day in most cases. So please contact PineSeed for all your IT services and needs.


Ever felt like throwing your computer out the window, onto the ground and then kicking it! This may seem a bit over the top but like most people, I am sure you have felt like this before. This is where Computers Toowoomba come in we will visit your home (house, caravan, bus, tent, barn yard) within a 30km radius of the Toowoomba CBD and fix your issue on the spot in most cases. Our Computer Servicing technicians are able to fix the majority of issues on site as they carry a range of hardware and software tools that make it easy to diagnose the issue on site and replace computer parts if necessary.

Computer Repairs, IT Services for Home and Business. Computer Troubleshooters. Printers, software, security packages, and anything else you need for your new computer we are your one stop shop. We come to you to solve all your tech problems. IT Managed Service, Monitoring and Support Systems for Business. PCs, Macs, printers, POS terminals, wireless networks, servers, and more!

  • Hard drive, email and network configuration.
  • Software installation.
  • Software, hardware and network upgrades.
  • Desktop support.
  • Server and application support.
  • Preventative maintenance and network audits.
  • Data back-up and recovery.
  • Virus protection and removal.


Serving your computer and fixing your IT problems.We work hard to find the issues with your computer and we will not only fix the issue but cleanup your PC at the same time. We want you to call us again but only when there is an actual issue not just your computer is slow.

At Computers Toowoomba our staff can handle a variety of issues not just for laptops and desktops. Computers Toowoomba also looks after business clients and their everyday issues as well as computer repair and a small list is below.

Small Business IT Solutions
Virus and Malware Removal
Server Installations
Ransomware Protection
Setup of new networks.
Remote Access (VPN, RDP)
New computer setup
IT Audits

If you are in Toowoomba and are in need of computer repair services – we can help! We have even worked on PLC, Arduino, and other systems to do with IoT so we have a wealth of experience in everything IT, not just the computers.



Server racks for Business IT


Toowoomba can boast of only a handful of computer repair service providers within the region, and we are delighted to be counted as one by our loyal customers. So, here’s a little blog you about hiring professional computer experts to repair your PC.


Having your pc or computer inspected by an expert computer repair professional may not really be as costly as you would think. Many people have the idea that the expert computer repair prearrangement will be too expensive and many will rather move forward to rectify the computer issues themselves instead of considering taking it to a local computer repair service.

Many people who try to fix computer issues themselves without the necessary knowledge, skill and experience end up worsening the matter. At times, a friend or relative might come claiming to be a specialist and attempt to amend the issues with your computer, but we all know how that ends most times, in shambles. With all the sensitive data you have to lose, do you really think it is a wise choice to let an amateur fix your PC? Despite the person being your relative or friend, you can’t afford any mishaps. If you destroyed my computer while being an overbearing friend, that might be the end of us. So, get you a professional computer repair service in Toowoomba than risk your buddy’ head or your computer.

It is normal for people to quickly surge out and purchase another computer when issues emerge. Despite having cash to blow, you must think economically sometimes. It is unquestionably pointless to spending on a new expensive PC when you can fix the former and get it back to tiptop shape. A smart approach will be to invite a Toowoomba local computer repair firm and request for a quote to repair the computer for you. You may well be shocked at the cost of repair in contrast with the cost of getting a new PC or the cost of your fears.

A local computer repair business will of course charge a fee to fix your computer but that is only because of their professional insight and skill to work on the PC and return it to you in no time at all. The professional will be well-acquainted with the symptoms you indicate to him about the welfare of your computer and that is one big advantage of a computer expert.




The Managed IT Services industry is developing in a very fast manner in such a way that diverse businesses of all shapes and sizes are incorporated into sharing the piece of pie. For more than ten years now, IT industries have come together which brought about the invention of products. Despite the evolvement of various kind of IT sections, numerous companies still find it increasingly hard to deal with their IT, which is the reason managed IT services has increasingly been on the increase. By utilizing managed IT services, companies can bring down overall expenses, enhance profitability, increase productivity and lessen the workload on internal staff. Numerous companies outsource their IT to a managed service provider, who will oversee and accept accountability for giving a definite set of IT services for the benefit of the business. This procedure has turned out to be progressively regular among big organizations and firms, because of the many related advantages:


The cost of putting resources into the top of the range innovations and equipment can be amazingly high. A decently managed service provider will retain the world best technologies, permitting the customer to enjoy the advantages of carrier-grade solutions, without the underlying cost. Fixed contracts and payments made on a monthly basis permit a business to set their budget plan for IT services, with no unanticipated update charges or maintenance fees. Outsourcing IT services likewise lessens the need to utilize in-house experts to deal with your IT systems or on the other hand authorizes existing professional’s time to concentrate on more major projects.


Managed service providers have professional IT proficiency, which might surpass all the levels accessible within a business. Having complete access to all these skills can be a proof of a priceless asset, and can likewise save some cash that would have been tied up in training staff within or some way or another be put resources into preparing staff on the inside or employing professional freelance technicians.


Prominent managed service providers will make use of the best innovations and equipment available, so as to convey an ideal IT solution. Technology and equipment will be redesigned frequently, with no extra costs or stress to the customer. Upgrades can be done with practically no business impact, by making use of storage and server virtualization. The consistent and regular upgrade of technologies implies that no managed IT services will get to be distinctly outdated.


A managed service provider is capable of delivering all your IT services over a single "joined" system. This does not just save money regarding infrastructure, it likewise displays profitability benefits, because staff can have access to voice and data applications when working from the comfort of their home, or whatever other location.



Outsourcing to a managed IT specialist service provider, discredits the need and extra expense for data centers and equipment. Significant technological ventures imply that information stays safe and voice services can keep on operating, regardless of the possibility that connection in the primary office is lost.

When you want to choose a provider to manage your IT services, choose a trustworthy partner that has a good record, and years of experience. Likewise, make sure to get some information about flexible payment plans and ask about their capacity of a business development. And if you want to contact us click here.




A greater number of people who can operate a computer do not know how to repair it when the computer they have been making use of crashes because of a malicious bug or attributable to irregularity in the files that are saved on the disk drive. On the off chance that you are disappointed because of the decelerate working on your computer or confronting the issue of program shutdowns and restarts, it's about time that you approach a service provider in your vicinity. You can get any computer issue settled industriously with the assistance of an expert and reliable home computer repairer. A proficient home computer service will make your computer work at its best capacity.


Service providers can assist in providing smooth operation of your PC. Your computer can be protected from viruses through the installation of anti-virus software, retrieval of lost data, replacement, and repairing of hardware are a few of the vital services rendered by Home computer service. A high-quality computer support organization ought to have the capacity to fix any problem on your computer or laptop starting from the simple ones like a when a computer is slowing down to the more technical ones like presumed spyware and viruses that may bring about the crash down of a system.


The search for a dependable home computer support reserve has left a lot of people desperate and helpless before the hands of tricksters. It's imperative to abstain from experimenting with any software or devices from any support service that is online; else, you may totally ruin your system and make it completely useless. If your home computer just has a problem such as booting very slowly or you simply need to enhance the performance of your system that can be adjusted. The problem might be generated from the internet most likely because you don't have a proficient security system. To get a productive help, you have to look out to know if some home computer support service is in your local phone index or you can as well search for experts on the web.

As ordinary users, it is our obligation to guarantee safety and security of our computers. A skilled technician would teach their customers some basic training on what to do to reduce problems. The service providers will likewise accentuate significance of consistent data backup and restoration techniques to the client to settle minor issues without their assistance.

When you discover the appropriate company that offers home IT services, endeavor to build a friendly relationship with them. The purpose for this is that you are inputting your trust on these individuals to help you repair your computer. Sometimes, your computer may develop fault when you install new software when your computer is hacked or become affected with virus, and there might be an update that is causing conflict with already installed software. This is the reason you why you must know the appropriate company that can give fantastic home IT service. Proficiency and expertise of technicians are essential elements for pleasing resolution of computer problems. Reviews from clients and word of mouth could be of help to you in measuring professional’s quality while settling on a convincing decision of connecting with a computer repair and provider of services for the upkeep of your PC. Don’t forget to contact us if you need our services.


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